Hot Border Special release their digital album

"Strong album with influences from all around the globe, transforming a great psych sound into modern anthems." - Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records)


"Hot Border Special serves up a spicy plate of red hot chilly peppers with no flea collars required!! Salsa Picante" - Shawn Lee (Ubiquity/Ping Pong Orchestra)


"These guys are scorching! Both live and recorded HBS deliver tropical treats like no other act around. Proper deepness!" Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)


"These guys know what they're doing and they're doing it good!" Virgil Howe (Killer Meters/Little Barrie)


"Joyful, deep afro funk and high life vibes from a band clearly enjoying every second of making this music" - Mr. Bird (BBE Records)


"Really enjoying this album. A clever and effective fusion of authentic rhythms and percussion with some quite seriously beautiful  psychedelic guitar shapes. Mulartoo Deetoo (although a shocking pun) is everything i loved about Thievery Corporation at their best, and Shockheaded Sweetheart sounds like the best summer you could have distilled into 4 minutes of refreshing herbal tonic." - Ed Meme (Breakin' Bread/The Impellers)


"The borders aren't just hot, they melted all the genres around them into this incredible album! Loving Monty's Jaw & Hot Border Express." - Diesler (Buried Treasure/Tru Thoughts)


"Super heavy funk weirdness from the boys - you need this!" - Malcolm Catto (The Heliocentrics/Strut Records)


"Psycho-Funk Bang!" - Jasper The Vinyl Junkie (Kane FM)

The Impellers "My Certainty" album

“My Certainty” is the third album by The Impellers. With their previous releases “Robot Legs /Freestyle) and “This Is Not A Drill” /Légère/Mocambo) the band from Brighton have established themselves as a tight and authentic raw funk unit. With “My Certainty” the band - featuring vocalist Clair Witcher and composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Glenn Fallows - explore fresh territory. “We wanted this album to be different to other material we’ve produced, but still keeping the big and heavy sound which people have liked about us.  There’s a couple of reasons why we hope this album will surprise people,” Clair Witcher explains.

With “My Certainty” The Impellers have re-invented their sound.  “We were kind of recognisable but never truly bedded in and this is a significant change for album three. The current line-up has been together for over two years and we were so excited when rehearsing for the recording, it finally feels like it has all fallen into place,” Glenn Fallows recalls from the “My Certainty” sessions. “We've used different musical styles which match the stories and sentiments in each of the songs.  There's a couple of soulful ballads, some acoustic folky soul, a bit of R&B-inspired stuff.  Having said that, there's a load of influences from individual band members too, which seem to bleed through into the overall sound.” Clair Witcher adds: “For me as a vocalist, it was a great challenge to try and mirror the sentiments of the song and musicianship with my vocals.   We’re very pleased with how the album came together and we hope people agree that it’s by far our strongest work yet.”


The Impellers live

Brighton's finest funk family is out and about to play the new album "My Certainty":

14.11.14 Norwich (UK), Hot-Damm Norwich @ The Talk

The Pepper Pots live

Meet The Pepper Pots live playing "We Must Fight":

30.08.14 Ripollet (ES), Pça Pere Quart     
06.09.14 Vidreres (ES), Festes
16.09.14 Erfurt (GER), Engelsburg
17.09.14 Fürstenwalde (GER), Club im Park
18.09.14 Berlin (GER), Auster Club
19.09.14 Wilhelmshaven (GER) KlingKlang
20.09.14 Hamburg (GER), Reeperbahn-Festival
21.09.14 Köln (GER), Sonic Ballroom

The New Mastersounds live

The New Mastersounds live on stage celevrating their new album "Therapy":

03.09.14 Buffalo (US), Tralf
04.09.14 Washington 8US), Gypsy Sally's
05.09.14 Harrodsburg (US), Terrapin Harvest Fest
06.09.14 Baltimore (US), 8X10
07.09.14 Hancock (US), Catskill Chill
09.09.14 Portland (US), Port City Music Hall
10.09.14 Boston 8US), Brighton Music Hall

Myles Sanko live

Myles Sanko is playing the songs of his upcoming album "Forever Dreaming" (out September 12) here:

02.08.14 Southburgh (UK),  Southburgh Festival 
02.08.14 Thetford (UK), VW White Noise Festival 
07.08.14 Lloret De Mar (ES), Pamboli Festival 
08.08.14 London (UK), The Blues Kitchen (Camden)
14.08.14 Cambridge (UK), La Raza
15.08.14 Delft (NL), Delft Jazz Festival
16.08.14 Haarlem (NL), Haarlem Jazz Festival 
17.08.14 Venlo (NL), Zomerparkfeest 
22.08.14 Newcastle (UK), Hoochie Coochie 
23.08.14 Manchester (UK), Band On The Wall
24.08.14 Bishops Stortford (UK), Host
29.08.14 Lode (UK), Lodestar Festival 
30.08,14 Frogmore Hill (UK), Wilkestock Festival 
06.08.14 Barcelona (ES), Altaveu Festival 
26.09.14 Cambrudge (UK), Frank Lee Centre 
09.10.14 Cambrudge (UK), La Raza
10.10.14 London (UK), The Blues Kitchen (Camden)
15.11.14 London (UK), The Blues Kitchen (Shoreditch)
27.11.14 Kopenhagen (DK), Mojo Blues Bar
28.11.14 Roskilde (DK), Gimle
11.12.14 Cambridge (UK), La Raza
12.12.14 London (UK), The Blues Kitchen (Camden)

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